Thursday, February 18, 2010

My favorite hip chemo head scarf / head cover

When I first started my desperate search for head covers I ended up buying and returning a lot of products!  I finally ended up discovering my favorite - the Beau-Beau headcover.  It's like a scarf and hat in one.  The Beau Beau looks like a scarf when on, and for all intents and purposes it is, but it is pre-formed and gathered at the nape of the neck with elastic.  It has tails that hang below the elasticized part and it comes with a matching scrunchie.  Okay, I know what you're thinking - HOW IS A SCRUNCHIE HIP?!  Well, it just is!  Not enough for you?  Okay, okay, well the scrunchie really allows a variety of styling options.  I prefered not to have the hanging tails, so I wrapped them around the already attached scrunchie and it formed a sort of "bun" (like in the picture below) - a pretty hip, sophisticated look, I thought!

These come in 4 different sizes and tons of different fabric designs, from solids to fun animal patterns.  They are lined with a soft cotton to prevent slipage and it also acts as a wicking layer.  This is truly the most comfortable thing that I ever did put on my bald head!

Check out all the Beau-Beau styles.  This website offers other products such as headwarmers, sleep caps, headcovers for exercising, and even transitionals for when your hair starts to grow back.

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  1. We have both found solace in the beaubeau! I love them as well! My favorite is timeless elegance blue, it was my first one, and ever since then I can't stop buying them! Now I have seven, and a good thing too, the terrible caps and turbans and ugly wigs the ACS pushed on me were just so NOT my style. So glad I found your post!